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What is the difference between Modern Glass and other companies? We undertake complex projects
Really complex projects
What is the difference between Modern Glass and other companies? We undertake complex projects
Really complex projects
About the company
2020 year

Our mission is to create the best Insulated Glass Units in the world, make urban architecture beautiful and buildings convenient and safe for the life, work and leisure time of a modern person. 

Modern Glass is the largest factory in Russia in terms of production capacity in the float glass processing market. 

We produce complex architectural Insulated Glass Units for skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, banks, hotels, shopping and office centers. 

We have been creating the architectural look of the cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Afghanistan and Lithuania already for 17 years. 

We are constantly modernizing the equipment stock for the most modern and advanced machinery. We work with the best European suppliers. 

Tell about the project ― we will undertake the rest. You will be pleased by work and cooperation with Modern Glass company.

2019 year

New equipment was launched: third autoclave, third lamination line, fifth glass tempering furnace. 

Production capacity increased by 20%. 

Company passed an audit by Josef Gartner (German facade company, the world leader in complex glass facades). 

We signed contracts for glazing the following projects: GES-2, Residential complex Nebo, Residential complex Capital Towers, Concert Hall MTS Live Arena, Palace of Water Sports and Ice Palace of Winter Sports in the Luzhniki Sports Complex in Moscow, Residential complex Respublika in Izhevsk, athletics complex in Astana, shopping center VEER Mall in Yekaterinburg, Igor Kurchatov Airport in Chelyabinsk. 

Entered the Baltic market. 

Staff of plant: 656 people

2018 year

Changing the technology of staining ledge for structural glass. Coloring the ledge on the glass with a soft coating has become more qualitative. 

The increase in production capacity by 30%, without launching new equipment, but only through the automation of business processes. 

The launch of the project of global modernization and automation of production, designed for 1.5 years. The project will increase the production capacity by 40% and reduce the number of low-quality products by 2 times. 

Signing contracts for the glazing of the Dream Island amusement park and Academician business center in Moscow, the congress hall at the Ekaterinburg-EXPO exhibition center and the Trinity residential complex in Yekaterinburg, the rhythmic gymnastics center in Sochi, the Gagarin airport in Saratov, Kazan Expo exhibition pavilion in Kazan, Dordoi Plaza shopping center in Bishkek, Tashkent City Shopping Center and the Humo Arena ice complex in Tashkent. 

Entry into the market of Afghanistan. 

Staff of plant: 584 people

2017 year

Launching of the coating laser removal for electrically heated products, which allows to achieve more uniform heating on IGU of almost any shape.
Introduction of lean manufacturing concept (Lean system). 

The signing of the contract and the beginning of the construction of the headquarters of the Russian Copper Company in Yekaterinburg, the Neva Towers MFC, the Philharmonic in Zaryadye Park in Moscow, the second building of the technopark in Innopolis. 

Production of glassing for VTB Arena Park, a cinema-concert hall in Moscow-City MIBC, Sheremetyevo Airport (Terminal B) in Moscow, and Idel Tower in Ufa.
The construction of airports in preparation for the World Cup 2018 in Perm, Simferopol, Rostov-on-Don.

Staff of plant: 499 people

2016 year

IGU production volume growth for 7%, tempered glass production growth for 12%, laminated glass production growth for 25%. 

Official company web-site update. 

Supplement for World Football Championship 2018 stadium building (Yekaterinburg Arena, Mordovia Arena, Samara Arena). 

Production of glass products for RC Zilart, residence Mone and shopping center Horosho in Moscow, RC Kandinsky House and RC Garinsky in Ekaterinburg, RC Gavan in Vladivostok, stadium in Krasnodar, airport, train station and the Congress Hall in Astana, the airport in Bishkek, Ganja Mall, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy and Radio Technical Plant in Baku. 

Entrance to Azerbaijan market. 

Staff of plant: 449 people

2015 year

Production capacities increase due to start of the fourth tempering furnace and installation of the second autoclave.

Gainig the test report and the beginning of glass production with protection against electromagnetic radiation under the MG EMR brand.

Obtaining the certificate on MG Termo electrically-heated glasses.

Contract signing and the beginning of construction of the highest skyscraper in Central Asia — Abu Dhabi Plaza (Kazakhstan, Astana).

Building of objects for holding the summit of SCO-2016 in Tashkent (Hyatt hotel, BC C 5).

Entry into the new markets: Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Republic of Crimea.

Staff of plant: 449 people

2014 year

Upgrade of IGU line. Now it is possible to produce IGUs with thickness up to 80 mm. 

The first supplies of the electrically-heated products MG Termo for russian railways.

The beginning of electrochromic glass production under the MG Smart brand.

Production of glass products for the Vostochny spaceport and a casino Tigre de Cristal in the Far East, BC Arkus, BC Algoritm, BC Prezident Plaza and Shopping Center Kuntsevo Plaza in Moscow, BC Avrora in Yekaterinburg, the congress and exhibition center ExpoForum in St. Petersburg, RC on Vilonovskaya in Samara. End of the Iset project in Yekaterinburg.

Construction of facilities for holding the summit of SCO-2015 in Ufa (MFC Gostiny dvor, Bashkiria hotel, Hilton hotel, Sheraton hotel).

Staff of plant: 447 people

2013 year

Start of IGU production with fire-resistant glass of the Pyropane brand of the AGC company.

Purchase and installation of the new printer of the multi-color digital type jumbo format.

Purchase of the most innovative tempering  furnace in the territory of Eastern Europe for increased production capabilities. The new furnace has allowed to automate quality control and to improve products optical characteristics. There was an opportunity to temper glass with emissivitety up to 0,01.

Production of glass products for Innopolis in Kazan, the international complex of ski jumps Sunkar, Shopping Center Dostyk Plaza in Almaty, Marriott hotel in Astana.

Staff of plant: 436 people

2012 year

Start of the equipment for IGU assembly of any complexity in the automatic mode, including use of Schuco frame. Comissioning of compact automatic jumbo-format glass storage warehouse.

Construction of facilities for holding the Olympic Games Sochi-2014 (the building of IOC, the skating center Adler Arena, railway station Olympic Park, the station in Adler, railway station Krasnaya Polyana), the XXVII World summer Universiade in Kazan: (The center of rowing sports, the airport Kazan, Palace of Water Sports), the summit of APEC-2012 in Vladivostok: (the terminal of Aeroexpress at the airport Knevichi, Primorsky okeanarium, Hyatt hotel).

Entry into the new markets: Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Astrakhan

Staff of plant: 414 people

2011 year

The end of 2010 — opening of branch of Modern Glass company in Perm.

June, 2011 — release of the first IGU in the Perm branch.

Power of the Austrian assembly line: up to 2 000 IGU per day. Preparation for start of the second production line of IGUs. Staff of the company branch: 40 people.

Rewarding of the CEO Dedovich Mikhail Vladimirovich with the certificate of honor of Chelyabinsk region governor Yurevich M.V. for long-term honest work.

Rewarding of plant with a distinction sign for merits in front of Chelyabinsk region.

Entry into the market of Yakutsk.

2010 year

Purchase and installation of the new equipment — the printer of the inkjet full-color printing. Studying of technological features of the new printer, testing, training of workers and samples production.

The beginning of production of the multi-color digital on glass printing under the MG MultiColor brand.

Appearance of regional representatives of the company in Krasnodar and St. Petersburg.

Production of glass products for the Moscow school of management Skolkovo.

Entry into the new markets: Krasnodar, Magadan, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Far East.

Staff of plant: 308 people

2009 year

Active development of the company, despite the post-crisis period.

Purchase of the German technology, introduction and the beginning of production of the electroically-heated MG Termo glass.

Modern Glass — the first plant out of the Moscow region which has begun to make electrically-heated glass products.

Building of the main objects for holding the summit of SCO-2009 in Yekaterinburg (BC Vysotsky, BC Sammit, reconstruction of the Koltsovo airport, Anzhelo hotel, Onegin hotel).

Production of glass products for a scene Eurovision-2009.

Staff of plant: 306 people

2008 year

The Chelyabinsk plant of modern glass is renamed into LLC Modern Glass, record is entered in the unified state register of legal entities.

Processing and selling of fireproof glass MG Pyrobel and MG Pyrobelite.

Formation of uniform industrial complex: association of production and office.

World financial crisis promoted improvement of processes and technologies, increase of efficiency of the available resources use, prime cost optimization.

Entry into the new markets: Astana, Vladimir, Volgograd. Strengthening of positions in the market of Moscow.

Staff of plant: 359 people

2007 year

Purchase of own production site in the territory of Stankomash plant. Purchase of the new full range equipment. Subsequently, when all equipment has been started, the enterprise began to work only at the territory of Stankomash plant.

Purchase and installation of the horizontal tempering furnace and the IGU line for processing large-size 6 000 x 3 210 mm products.

Modern Glass — the first plant out of the Moscow region which has begun to produce Jumbo format glazing.

Market borders expansion: Moscow.

Staff of plant: 423 people

Area: 36 000 sq.m

2006 year

The glass lamination line and the cutting jumbo format glass line  became an absolute innovation for the region. The Austrian IGU assembly line  became a novelty for the plant.

Beginning of cooperation with the largest suppliers of the profile systems Schuco and Reynaers.

Production of IGU, both for plastic windows, and for architectural buildings and constructions.

Production of the IGUs with the improved heat-insulating properties (TPS and TGI technologies).

The ISO compliance certificate is received.

Staff of plant: 277 people

Area: 10 000 sq.m

2005 year

New development direction: production of interior partitions for office and trade rooms.

Installation of the line of paint coating. The beginning of production of the painted glasses under the MG Color brand in the roll way with glass-ceramic paints.

Trip with the Russian leading architects to Europe with the purpose to adopt experience of world architecture.

Entry into the new markets: Izhevsk, Kazan, Irkutsk, Kemerovo, Kursk, Naberezhnye Chelny, Nizhnevartovsk, Sredneuralsk, Surgut.

Staff of plant: 179 people

Area: 5 800 sq.m

2004 year

Active development of the enterprise, experiments in products manufacturing with various properties.

Installation of a magnetron coater, beginning of production MG Reflect.

Beginning of cooperation with the largest producers of glass: Saint-Gobain (France), Guardian (USA), Pilkington (Great Britain).

Development of order processing department: training of employees in process of order acceptance, calculation, start in production and to other complex technological operations.

Entry into the new markets: Kurgan, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Tomsk, Ufa.

Staff of plant: 168 people

2003 year

Forming of the first team of production workers, introduction of sales department, orders processing department, department of information technologies.

June 1 — release of the first a glass products, Birthday of production.

Modern Glass — the first plant in the Ural region which has started the tempering furnace and has begun selling of the tempered glass. First products: the glass with a magnetron coating, tempered, painted glass by method of silk-screen printing. 

The beginning of cooperation with the first supplier — Glaverbel (nowadays AGC).

Staff of plant: 93 people

Geography of sales: Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen

2002 year

Trip to Germany on the exhibition in Düsseldorf devoted to the equipment, technologies and production of the glass industry of GLASSTEK-2002 for the purpose of the equipment choice.

Active formation of the enterprise: formation of the program of the project financing and business plan, choice of a production site (4th floor of ChTZ plant), purchase of the first equipment, employment of the first employees.

July 31 — Birthday of plant, registration of legal entity of the LLC Chelyabinsk Plant of Modern Glass company.

Staff of plant: 25 people

Area: 2 900 sq.m

2001 year

The idea of creation of the company was based on production of glass with a magnetron coating (a glass with metal covering). It was the first trend of the plant. At that time the branch of glass processing only began to develop. The glasses with a magnetron coating, tempered and painted glass products were a new sphere for us. Gradually standards, norms and requirements imposed to a glazing were introduced. The tempered glass and triplex began considered as safe types. Modern Glass — the first plant in the Ural region which has begun safety glass production.

Extensive production capabilities
Extensive production capabilities
Top-level quality

Top-level quality

Shipping all over the world
Shipping all over the world
First-class experts
Automatic notification system
Automatic notification system
High speed of order manufacturing
High speed of order manufacturing
The largest float glass processing site in Russia
The high-end European equipment in a combination with strict quality control
Development, testing and application of innovative technologies
3 autoclaves, 5 tempering furnaces, 5 assembly lines of Insulation Glasing Units

Production capabilities –
100 000 sq.m a month

Jumbo-size 3210 х 6000 mm glass products manufacturing capability
Supplements to 90 cities of Europe and Asia
The only plant in Russia which produces Pyropane glass for AGC company
3 types of printing on glass: roll, silk-screen and digital
ISO 9001 certificate – the international requirements to quality management
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